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                                                                                                        Company’s overview

Dynamic Contracts Consultants, LLC is an Contracts consulting company for US Federal Government, commercial and international contracts. We specialize in drafting,
proposal writing, negotiating, compliance related to contracts, specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for programs and projects covering a wide range of size and

We believe that experience and expertise go hand in hand. We provide professional services to large, small and mid-sized business and entrepreneurs who want to do
business with government/ commercial and international enterprises. Our consultants / attorneys are experienced in working with numerous business transactions in
government, commercial (private/public) and international sector.

We are headquartered in Katy/Houston, TX. We believe that our consultants / attorneys should deliver sustainable and measurable results, not just reports to our clients.
Based on the principles of providing “simple solutions to complex problems” Dynamic Contracts Consultants provide innovative cost-effective solutions that are designed to
ensure complete clients / customer satisfaction.

Our consultants / attorneys are certified professionals in the industry. Our consultants and technology-enabled services assist supply chain management, procurement and
legal department of corporations to be efficient and effective, compliance with the laws, minimize risks, and minimize spending and budget analysis.


To provide quality support to our clients / customers based on core values:

•        “Simple Solutions to Complex Problems”

Simplicity represents the efforts by Dynamic Contracts Consultants to provide our clients/customers with the most practical, simple and affordable solutions to address their
business needs.

•        “Excellence in every product or service”

Demonstrate excellence in every aspect of our business, to ensure complete clients / customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by Dynamic Contracts


To transform/ implement the vision and ideas of our clients / customers into realistic solutions through innovation, technology an entrepreneurial approach to problem
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6725 S Fry Road, Suite 700-346, Katy, TX 77494
Tel: 800-593-1730 / 281-644-0509
Email: info@dynamiccontractsconsultants.com
Our Leadership Team
Khalil (Kal) Memon, CPCM, CFCM, CCCM, LLM, MBA,  LL.B., BS
Sr. Legal/Contracts Consultant  -  Director  

Khalil is a Certified Professional Contracts Manager, Certified Federal Contracts Manager and Certified Comercial Contracts Manager from National
Contracts Management Association (NCMA) based in Ashburn, VA (USA). He has Masters in Law (LL.M in International and Comparative law) from
Chicago Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL, graduated with Hons. He has a Paralegal certificate from Southwestern Paralegal Institute (American Bar
Association approved) in Houston, TX. He has MBA from KC College of Management, LLB. (Bachelors of Law - Attorney) from University of Bombay,
and BS (Chemistry) from University of Bombay, India.

He has an extensive background working in commercial, international and government entities. He has experience in compliance / contract
management/vendor management/time management/ project management for more than 20 years. He has worked for major Oil and Gas
companies, such as Shell, Apache and ConocoPhillips in international and commercial sector (legal department) and has proven track record for
Contracts drafting/ reviewing/ management of case load for
35B USD. He has managed a caseload of 18,000 cases and worked as lead
enforcement specialists for Office of the Attorney General (OAG) of Texas and has received couple of Achievement Awards for excellence,
negotiating lump sum collection and outstanding performance at OAG.

Presently Khalil is working with major US Defense Prime Contractors in domestic US as well as in international arena, for enforcement of DOD
contracts in Compliance with FAR/DFAR. He is also working with multiple small business to pursue US FED Govt contracts. Khalil is an Associate
Member of the American Bar Association.  
Charles D. Cole, CFCM, MBA
Sr. Contracts Manager Consultant

Charles is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager from the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA) based in Ashburn, VA. He has a
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from George Mason University, with emphasis in Administrative Management. He has a Certificate in
Procurement and Contract Management from the University of Virginia. He is a long time member and participant in training programs with
NCMA. He has a BS in General Engineering (with minor in Analytical Management) from the U.S. Naval Academy

He has extensive experience providing Contract Administration and Management (22 yrs.), Program Management and Program Controls (10 yrs.),
Personnel Management and Supervision, and Material Management in civilian and military (5 yrs.) settings; involving leadership, management and
decisions effecting resources including personnel, material and money.

He has strong cradle to grave experience managing a wide variety of Federal Government (Intelligence Community (IC), DOD and Civilian) contract
types in accordance with applicable laws, customer requirements (FAR, DFARS, numerous agency supplements),and diverse contractor company
policies and procedures for numerous types of efforts to deliver products and services (including R&D, Engineering Development, Logistics,
Systems Engineering and Integration, Program/Business Management, Services, Intelligence and Information Technology) . He has worked for major
government contractor companies; including Raytheon, SRA, SAIC, L-3 Communications, and BAE Systems.
Robert Neumann, MBA
Chief Marketing Advisor

Robert joined Dynamic Contracts Consultants and brings energy and experience as part of the management team in growing Dynamic Contracts
Consultants. He graduated from GMI Engineering Institute with his engineering degree and the University of Rochester Simon School Of Business
with an MBA. He has a passion for growing companies and developing solutions for customers.
City Advisor - Zoning/Permits/Due diligence/Survey and Platting  

Hope has vast experience and specializes in Due Diligence Reports, Permits and Approvals, Zoning and Development requirements, Information and
Developer Requirements, Planning Approval and Platting Requirements, Permit Process, Architectural Requirements, and Parking Requirements. She
has worked on Due Diligence for different business in different states. Her specialties also include, coordination with the appropriate agencies and
utility companies on Easements, Encroachments and relocation.
Strategic Partner

Robert S Morse
RSM & Associates - Project Management & Controls , Enterprise Contract Management, Proposal Management and Development Systems Engineering.

Robert has 40+ years of experience, working with major Commercial companies and in US Federal Government sector.

RSM & Associates provides high value, deep experience in multiple industries (sidebar) to plan strategy, assemble teams, lead capture and proposal
efforts and/or perform project startup, audit or turnaround tasks.

RSM & Associates also provides general enterprise consulting to improve competitiveness, institute new and best practices and USG compliant plans,
processes and procedures.
Off Counsel:

Marcellous McZeal  
Grealish & McZeal, PC

Mr. McZeal has been practicing attorney for more than 20+ years and is a Judge for Harris County. He has been practicing Commercial Litigation,  
including,  but not limited to,  real estate,  banking,  commercial leases  and oil and  gas  litigation.  

Prepare  and  examine contracts  involving leases, licenses, purchases, sales, insurance; provide legal advice to commercial organizations, prepare
resolutions  and forms  and participate  in  major legal  actions;  responsible for foreseeing and protecting companies against legal risk.
US Chamber of Commerce

State Bar of Texas

National Contract Management Association (NCMA)

American Contract Compliance Association (ACCA)

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)

North American Procurement Council (NAPC)