Our Strategy and Analysis:
It is important that we analyze and study the market of the service or product that we would be enduring, learn about the agency history, the nature and trend of how it buys
or prefers to buy its products and or services.

  • A proposal is a specific summary explaining why a small business is qualified to undertake the job required by the Federal government or commercial sector.
  • The bid proposal allows businesses to state their qualifications and to explain how their background would allow them to perform a specific job with excellence,
    accuracy and within the established deadline.

There are several factors that we take into consideration when writing a proposal:

Base Foundation: Prepare One Page Summary about the nature of the business or the product or service that we are providing to the Agency

Basic Key information should include such as:
•        Description of the business (Brief history, mission, vision and objectives)
•        Main products and services
•        Certifications (if any that would supplement)
•        Point of contact information (website and email address)
•        NAICS code(s), DUNS number, EIN number and other relevant information. (if applicable)

Technical Approach

Our technical approach must respond to the requirements of the RFP/RFQ/IFB. We develop a concise strategy about how our clients technical expertise would respond
to the requirements of the bid.

•        Our technical approach must convince the agency that we have a strong management team and staffing approach that minimizes risk.
•        We must analyze that the technical aspects of the proposals are the highest evaluated sections of our bids.
•        Missing or omitting important elements of the RFP source selection, could lead us to the possibility of being disqualified.
•        Through our client’s recruitment and retention programs of our clients, we evaluate and identify our clients key personnel experience and capabilities.
•        Explain how our clients would deal with potential problems, identifying our strength and mitigating risk.
•        Informing the agency about the total number of labor hours that will be required to accomplish the task
•        Identifying the personnel who will responsible for critical task
•        Analyzing and identifying Quality Control Plan of Action (evaluating and implementing procedures to provide results)

Past Performance

Past Performance is a major factor for Technical score when Government Agency or commercial corporation evaluates bid proposals.
•       Small and medium sized businesses usually do not have the people or immediate skill sets to handle larger government contracts.
•       To overcome this hurdle, they form a teaming agreement to fill the gaps.

    Teaming Partners:
•       We assist our clients to find the right teaming partners, with due diligence. Contracting agencies consider the past performance of your teaming partners    
and subcontractors.
•       For small to medium- sized businesses that want to break into government contracting or want to win larger contracts, finding teaming partners is the best way to meet
their goals.
•       We review/analyze and make sure our clients understand the underlying legal principles of
Affiliation and ostensible subcontractor rule.
•       Assist clients to identify and select teaming partners who have done projects similar in size and scope, with respect to the RFP/RFQ and have successfully completed
government contracts on time and within budget.

 Cost Analysis
•        Review cost factors – government estimates and historical data
•        Costs must be “accurate, complete and current” – FAR 15.406
•        Costs must be within the competitive range
•        Analyze and discuss with clients Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)
•        Review and discuss Questions and Answers
•        We assist our clients and make sure that our proposals aligns and comply with FAR , SBA and other procurement regulations, as this may lead to costly mistake and   

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